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Care Guide

Suit Care

  • Always handle your suit with care. Your suit isn't an article of clothing, and should not be treated roughly. When zipping up your suit, be sure not to catch any of the fur fibers in the zipper, as well as to take it slow. Its easier to have a friend help you in and out of your suit.

  • Under Armour or some form of spandex is recommended to be warn under your suit to help keep your suit clean. It helps immensely to keep you cool and enables you to move more freely within your suit.

  • Never handle your fursuit by the ears or nose. Our suits are well built, but please be gentle with your suit. Suits that are well taken care of will last much longer.


After Use:

  • After wearing your suit, it is best to turn the body suit and paws inside out if possible. Hang it up to dry. We recommend spraying the suit with a gentle disinfecting spray to avoid chances of mold and foul odor. Always allow your suit to dry FULLY before storing. Failure to allow your suit to dry FULLY before storing can result in your suit growing mold and/or mildew.

  • Let the fursuit head itself rest upside down so that the neck flaps are held open, and air can circulate within the head itself.

  • Be sure to disinfect the interior of the head and allow it to dry fully as well. It often helps to set it close to a fan to help it dry.



Bath Time:

  • If your suit ends up getting a little dirty, fear not! Our suits are washable! (Unless they have airbrushed markings) Our suits can be hand washed gently in the bathtub with cold water and a gentle detergent. We recommend Woolite or another gentle detergent of similar gentle properties. Gently scrub your suit with your fingertips down to the root of the fur fibers, paying close attention to high friction areas like the armpits and inner thighs as well as the bottom. Be sure to rinse your suit fully before allowing to dry. To get rid of excess water, make sure you have the suit turned inside out if possible. Place in your washing machine on a -delicate- setting for a low spin. It is not recommended to utilize this method if your washing machine has an agitator. 

  • Never use bleach.

  • Do NOT put your suit in the dryer! The heat of the dryer will melt the fibers of the fur. And for this reason, never use a hair dryer, either. During the air drying process, be sure to gently brush the fur periodically so that it dries facing the right direction and to avoid mats/clumps.

  • Tails and paws can be washed by hand, like our bodysuits; use cold water and a gentle detergent (as long as they aren't airbrushed)

  • Heads are spot clean only, as they are the most delicate piece of the costume. Carefully clean them with a wet cloth. Never submerge in water.




  • When possible, always hang up your fursuit on a hanger.

  • Our suits can be neatly folded and stored in tubs when the hanger method is not an option. However please note that this option can eventually lead to permanent creases in your suit's fur fibers. Hanging up on a hanger is the ideal method of storage. This method is not recommended for extended periods. Do so at your own risk.

  • Never store anything on top of your suit.

  • When storing your suit in a tub, always be sure to leave ample room for the head.

  • Do NOT compress your fursuit head



Care for Plushies:

  • Our plushies are huggable works of art and intended for only collectors. They are not suitable (unless otherwise stated) for play with children or adults. They should be handled with care.

  • Plushies are spot-clean only. Should the plush have painted/airbrushed markings, always be extremely careful when cleaning, as you could potentially smudge/smear markings.

  • When spot cleaning, do so with a cold wet cloth. Never submerge your plush.

  • Never use a hair dryer on your plush or put your plush in the dryer. Allow your plush to air dry by a fan, gently fluffing the fibers of the plush with your fingertips periodically helps the fabric to stay soft and silky. 

  • Plushies from Kayla's Kritterz are built to last for years to come, so long as their owner is gentle with them. Should an accident happen and a seam pop loose or other damages occur, please contact Kayla's Kritterz for repair. Some repairs can be made for free with only the cost of shipping both ways for the client. Others may require a repair-fee depending on the extent of the damage. 

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