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Terms of Service

Prices and Warranty:

Price quotes are subject to change at any given time. However, once an agreement is made and down payment received, the quoted price shall stay the same. While commissions are based on a first come first served criteria, Kayla's Kritterz holds the right to deny service to anyone. All work is guaranteed 30 days after the item(s) arrive. Any unauthorized alterations not cleared by Kayla's Kritterz automatically voids the guarantee. Warranty covers defects in construction and in the materials. Normal wear and tear is not covered. Being exceptionally rough with your items is not covered, either. (Please read our Care Guide for proper handling/care for your commissioned creations.)

Once your deposit has been placed on your commission, any payments, including deposit, made towards the commissioned item -cannot- be refunded should you cancel the order or become unresponsive. It is highly recommended that should you be unable to utilize your email to reach Kayla's Kritterz that you try to reach out to

us through the art galleries or facebook page listed below. If this isn't an option, it's recommended that you create/use an alternate email account to reach us immediately to let us know what is going on, so that

arrangements can be made to accommodate you to the best of our abilities. 





Changes to Commissioned Items:

Please note that changes to plush items -cannot- be made before/during/after the process. All patterns are drafted by hand and tested through "dummy plushies" prior to the finished product. Changes to shape and/or features of

the plush usually would require a complete re-do of the pattern. For this reason, no changes can be requested. All reference material is followed as closely as possible. Important--- Fabric has natural limitations! There are various shapes and crisp edges that -cannot- be achieved. Once reference material is provided and the commission is reserved...under no circumstances can the intended design or subject change.


The only exception to have changes is made is if an error is made in the character's markings as that is an error on my part and I will gladly remedy the issue. 



Kayla's Kritterz requires 30-50% down on commissions above $100. Anything at, or below, the $100 mark is due up front. This percentage guarantees your place in the commission cue list, and materials used for creation. This percentage is non-refundable should you choose to cancel/back out of the commission before/after completion. 


The balance on any commission is due once your commission slot in line is next up to be worked on, regardless if the commission(s) is/are picked up or shipped at a later date. Paying your balance at this time allows me to smoothly transition to serving the next client. Unless otherwise discussed, if your commission is completed and attempts to reach you go unanswered within 30 days will become, without notice, the sole property of Kayla's Kritterz, and as such may be used or disposed of in any manner at Kayla's Kritterz sole discretion. 

If our attempts to reach you go unanswered, and the 30 days has passed, the commissioned item and any payments, including deposit, made towards the item are deemed forfeit. By commissioning Kayla's Kritterz you are have read and agreed/acknowledged these terms of service.


Will Do/Won't Do:


Will: Original Characters, Fantasy creatures, hybrids, animals


Won't: Copyrighted characters, NSFW, heavily detailed/realistic subject matter



We will only work with clients 18 yrs of age and older. A legal photo ID is required to commission Kayla's Kritterz either via scan or photograph. 



Anything agreed upon by both Kayla's Kritterz and the client in writing, including emails, is considered a binding contract. By commissioning us at Kayla's Kritterz, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. Kayla's Kritterz stores copies of all emails, instant messengers, and other means of contact between us and the

client. We recommend that you do the same. The verification code for the TOS Quote Form is "Plush".

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