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  • How much are your (insert plush/backpack/Item)
    You can find my price guide under the "Commissions" Tab on the navigation bar.
  • I want to buy that spider, how much?"
    A vast majority of the spiders and other projects I post are NOT for sale (unless otherwise stated in the description) and were made for client's custom commission.
  • Are you open for commissions?
    You can find my commission status at the top of the website banner. If you wish to be notified when big commission slots open please consider subscribing to the newsletter to get notifications via email!
  • I'm not wanting to order right now but how much would it be to have (insert project) made?
    Please understand that I'm only open for quotes when my commissions are open and available. Please only apply for a commission if you are seriously interested in reserving the slot at that time. If you are just wanting the basic pricing information to have a starting point to save up, please see the price guide under the "Commissions" tab dropdown menu.
  • How big is the bag opening on your spider bags?
    My standard sized spider bags have a 7" zipper opening on the underside of the abdomen.
  • How much can your spider bags hold?
    My spiders are more so intended as wearable works of art and not a carry-all. They can handle carrying the standard convention necessities such as a small wallet, car keys, cash, a coin purse, cellphone, and things to that effect. It's important to not over stuff your bag compartment for you risk damaging your bag.
  • Where are you located?
    I am located in the Midwest, USA! But I have no problems or qualms shipping orders all over the world.
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